Brief Description:

Amir Faisal is a senior lecturer and quality assurance member in biomedical engineering at Institut Teknologi Sumatera, Lampung, Indonesia with a demonstrated record of working in the electrical & automation (mining sector), research, and higher education industry. He is a member of the IEEE. His interest is in the simplification of complex multidisciplinary physics engineering systems. Strong education professional with a Ph.D. in biomedical image analysis and interest in early diagnosis and simple curative technique.

Job Experiences:

  • Technical Support/Project Engineer, PT. Transavia Otomasi Pratama, Kuningan, Jakarta; Manajer: Pak Yunarwanto (Jan. 2013-Jan. 2014)
  • Teaching Staff (Jun. 2018-Aug. 2020)
  • Administrative Secretary for Biomedical Engineering Study Program (Jun. 2018-Mar. 2019)
  • Academics and Student Affairs Secretary for Department of Electrical, Informatics & Physics System Engineering (Fac. of Production & Industrial Engineering; Dean: Prof. Ir. Yazid Bindar, M.Sc., Ph.D.) (Apr. 2019-Feb. 2020)
  • Quality Assurance Member for Biomedical Engineering Study Program (Jul. 2020-now)
  • Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor (Sept. 2020-now)


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biomedical Engineering, Universiti Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (2014-2017).
    • Supervisors: Ir. Dr. Lai Khin Wee, Dr. Ng Siew-Cheok, and Dr. Goh Siew-Li, M.D.
    • Research Funding and Scholarship:
      • University of Malaya Research Grant (UMRG).
        • Research Project: Ultrasound knee biomarker feature extraction for early osteoarthritis detection.
      • International Graduate Research Assistant Scheme (iGRAS), UM (2014-2017).
      • Postgraduate Research Grant (PPP), UM (2015-2018).
  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (CU), Bangkok, Thailand (2010-2012).
  • Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) di Teknik Fisika, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2005-2009).
    • Academic Advisor: Dr. Rachmawan Budiarto, S.T., M.T.
    • Elective courses in Energy Conversion & Instrumentation and Control.
    • Participant involved in Various Student Activities in Department and Faculty Level.
    • Final-year project on Computer Vision: Banknote recognition system, under guidance of Faridah, S.T., M.Sc.. and Nazrul Effendy, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.
    • Community Development: Biogas Development in Piyungan, Bantul, Yogyakarta.
    • Internship: Coal quantity measurement in fuel distribution installation, Control and Instrument, Coal Handling System, Suralaya Coal-fired Power Plant Business Unit, PT. Indonesia Power, Banten, 5-26 March 2008.
    • Teaching Assistant: Artificial Intelligence Course (2008-2009).
    • Laboratory Assistant: Engineering Drawing Using AutoCAD (2006-2007).
    • Research Intern:
      • Microfluidics Lab. (Jan. to May. 2010)
      • Supervisor: Dr. Gea O. F. Parikesit
      • Projects: Quantitative, low cost, webcam-based microscopy & dynamic analysis of microfluidics energy harvester.
      • Sensor and Telecontrol (Instrumentation) Lab.
      • Principal Investigator: Prof. Sunarno
      • Projects: Wrinkle skin texture analysis for anti-aging medicine monitoring (collaboration with Fac. of Medicine, 2009), traffic-density based traffic light control system using microcontroller (2008), & microcontroller based digital anemometer (2007).

Email: amir.faisal [at], amirf415al [at]


  • Forecasting/Prediction, Early Warning System, Multimedia Analysis, Detection, Diagnosis, Telemedicine and Simple Curative Technique.
  • Biomedical (Non-invasive) Imaging and Image Analysis (Microscope, USG, X-ray, and CT scan).
  • Image Registration and Image Segmentation (Active Contour Model or Level Set Method).
  • Data Acquisition, Machine/Computer Vision, and Image/Signal Analysis.
  • Technical Support, Design Engineering, and Project Management (Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, and Automation).

Research Cluster: Biomedical Instrumentation and Image Processing.

Research Profile: Sinta ID, Scopus ID, Google Cendekia, ResearcherID (Publons), IEEE Xplore, IEEE Collabratec, LinkedIn


Journal Articles

Conference Proceedings

  • Setiawan, A.W., Faisal, A. (2020). A study on JPEG compression in color retinal image using BT.601 and BT.709 standards: image quality assessment vs. file size. 2020 International Seminar on Application for Technology of Information and Communication (iSemantic), Semarang, Indonesia.
  • Setiawan, A.W., Faisal, A., Resfita, N. (2020). Effect of image downsizing and color reduction on skin cancer pre-screening. Proceedings of 2020 International Seminar on Intelligent Technology and Its Applications (iSITIA), Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • Faisal, A., Ng, S.C., Goh, S.L., Lai, K.W. (2017). Knee cartilage segmentation using locally statistical level set method. Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference for Innovation in Biomedical Engineering & Life Science (ICIBEL), Penang, MY.
  • Khalil, A., Faisal, A., Ng, S.C., Liew, Y.M., Lai, K.W. (2017). Mitral valve rigid registration using 2D echocardiography & cardiac computed tomography. Proceedings of the. 2017 International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI), (pp. 629-632), Sapporo, JP.
  • Faisal, A. Ng, S.C., Lai, K.W. (2014). Multiple active contours using scalable local regional information on expandable kernel. Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), (pp. 541-544), Miri, MY.
  • Hossain, M.B., Chai, H.Y., Faisal, A., Pingguan-Murphy, B., Lai, K.W. (2014). Speckle noise reduction of ultrasound knee biomarker with edge and detail preservation using improved diffusivity function. Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES), (pp. 639-643), Miri, MY.
  • Faisal, A., Pluempitiwiriyawej, C. (2012). Directional local region-scalable active contour with expandable kernel. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Computing, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON), (pp. 1-4), Hua Hin, TH.
  • Faisal, A., Pluempitiwiriyawej, C. (2012). Active contour using local region-scalable force with expandable kernel. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information Science and Technology (ICIST), (pp. 18-24), Wuhan, CN.
  • Darmawan, M., Faisal, A., Parikesit, G. O. F. (2010). Towards quantitative, low-cost, webcam based microscopy. Proceedings of the International Conference Biomedical Engineering, Surabaya, ID.
  • Effendy, N., Subagja, Faisal, A. (2009). Prediksi penyakit jantung koroner berdasarkan faktor risiko menggunakan jaringan syaraf tiruan backpropagation. Seminar Nasional Aplikasi Teknologi Informasi (SNATI), Yogyakarta, ID.

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